Follow us as we WWOOF across Canada! We'll be farming, exploring, and being our toolbag self – which naturally involves working out while laughing, being stupid while laughing, and laughing while laughing.

First Week at Sue’s Farm – 6/19 through 6/24

First week on the new farm! All photos from my phone, there’s probably some more from the gopro, but this is what I’ve got now. Uploading so late because Sue didn’t have wifi, and our travels after that were filled with stuff to do, people to interact with, and lack on WiFi during our down time…

Sue’s farm was much different than Karie and Rob’s. But also a bit similar. Just like manic organic, at Mountain meadow we had to be up for morning chores with the animals (at 6am this time… not fun). And then a leisurely breakfast and onto work by 8 or 9. She only had 6 animals, 2 goats, 2 horses, and 2 dogs. So all of the chores were feedings, cleaning, giving water, and walking / grazing. And then the rest of the day is gardening and odd jobs that needed to be done around the house and farm. The work was longer and more tedious because there were only the two of us, not 3 or 4 at manic, but still fun! With the exception of the FUCKING BUGS!!! Holy fucking shit! I have never been swarmed so heavily by tiny pieces of shit! They’re the worst! I have so many bites everywhere. Jackie and I each got bit right at the edge of our eyes, the fuck is that about god damn black flies!

The horses were a bit crazy, so we didn’t do much with them but clean their stalls, but they were definitely gorgeous creatures, and produced a shitton (pun intended) of manure for Sue to sell! The goats were cute, but one was in heat and kept trying to headbutt us, so we had to spit back (literally, you spit at their face and they’ll back off). But they were fun to graze because it gave us time to let our minds wander while enjoying the views in the field. 

The one thing about Sue’s Farm that was hard to get used to was the well, and the fact that showers could only take 1.5 or less minute of running water… but we got really good at the rapid showers! Off to Sydney, NS for some farmers markets and breweries on Saturday!

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Rossignol Winery and Ferry to Ns- 6/19

Tooling around while waiting for the ferry because we were super early, and we found this cute little winery. So we walked around a bit, tried some wines, and bought a few! The winery was gorgeous and they had this little patio area you could buy glasses of wine (or bottles and borrow glasses) at the winery and take them out there to drink. Would have been a nice thing to do if we had more time, but such is life. There was also a dog that I guess hangs out at the winery, but doesn’t actually belong to the owners, but he was adorable, so I’m not complaining.

The ferry was also a fun experience. My first ferry! I think… I don’t remember any at least. It was quite fun to drive onto a boat! And they had that Cow’s Ice Cream on board, so naturally I had to get some more.

Basin Head and East Point Lighthouse – 6/19

After our night at Red Point, and before grabbing the ferry from Wood Islands, PEI to Nova Scotia, we headed over to Basin Head to check out the beach and their famed “singing sands” and then biked from there to the East Point Lighthouse. Basin Head was so cool (even though it was kind of cold from being so windy), and the singing sands were so weird! The sand legit made noises as you walked across it. I think it was just so breathtakingly beautiful because we hadn’t seen clear skies in a while, so the sun being so prominent was a sight for cloudy eyes. We were also the first, and only being at Basin Head! Until we biked away, and returned like 2 hours later…

But the bike to the lighthouse was horrible! The wind was killer! But it was pretty damn pretty. And the lighthouse looked really cool, and looked like it would have some really cool views, but unfortunately, apparently you have to pay $6 to walk up some stairs. Which is the biggest bullshit thing I have ever heard… Like I have to pay you to climb 2 flights of stairs? Bullshit, I hate when people take these amazing views of nature and put a price on them. We had biked and hadn’t planned on buying anything, so our money was an hour away, and they wouldn’t let us up to see out. But the lighthouse was pretty and the exercise was good! And the view from the bottom of the lighthouse was pretty nice too.

Red Point Provincial Park – 6/18(&19)

Camping at Red Point was the most GORGEOUS spot for our first full camping camping experience! So all other times we kind of cheated… It was too cold and wet to make fires, and it was too cold and wet for us to want to pitch a tent for the most part and sleep in it and deal with a wet tent in the morning. So we had been sleeping in the indoor picnic areas for the most part, which is probably totally illegal, but whatever, long hair don’t care, and just not even trying with the campfire. But this time we arrived, and holy fuck the view was AMAZING! And our site was right on the water, and we were so pumped! We had already decided we were going to bike into town, so we decided then and there to make a fire and buy some noms! We settled on a can of baked beans, some bratwurst, and some tortillas (because I have a thing against any hot dog roll that isn’t Kings Hawaiian, so I forced Jackie to accept tortillas as substitute). We had some leftover cheese, and boom! We were up and running.

Not shown in the pictures is the fan-fucking-tastic lady from Indiana who saw us struggling SO HARD to start our fire (we hadn’t planned on making one, so we didn’t have any dry kindling, and the wood the park provided was a bit damp on top of that, so we were just adding insult to injury trying to start the damn fire). But they were in a camper, and had no need for fire, so she came over with her bag of Indiana lint and let us take some for kindling. She was literally a godsend. With proper kindling our fire was blazing in minutes! Jackie had gone through the woods and found some sticks to use as skewers for the dogs. I used my Costa Rica swiss army knife (that was totally bought to be a gift, and then was never given when I got home and has lived in my car since, whoops… but hey, it came in handy) to open our can of beans, and we were in business! Jackie started the roasting of the dogs, and I threw the can on a rock next to the heat of the fire, and we prepared our cheese and tortillas for the arrival of hot stuff!

And holy shitballz batman, it was amazing! Any food made on a fire, or while camping, no matter how you mix it, is almost always good. I once had a pbj with tuna and cheese while backpacking, and it was the most delicious thing, so bratwurst hot dog with cheese and beans on a tortilla was pretty damn normal in my book.

Not only was the food amazing, but the views, ohmygaawwwwd the views! At one point the sun was setting while the moon was rising, and it was the most gorgeous thing! I tried to capture it, but I can say with utmost certainty, that those pictures do it absolutely no justice. But it was so cool sitting by the fire looking out at the moon over the ocean as the sky changed colors with the sun setting behind us. Definitely a fantastic last night of our road trip from WWOOF NB to WWOOF NS.

And then I woke up with the sun at 5am on Sunday (because we decided it was too fucking gorgeous to throw the top tarp on the tent). And got to watch the sun rise over the ocean (sort of, it kind of rose over the trees next to the ocean, but the colors changing over the ocean were beautiful) on a gorgeous father’s day. I was up early, so naturally I had to be a loving daughter and wish my father a happy day in the tooliest, touristiest, beachiest way possible (love you daddy)!

All in all, twas a great evening/night! Excited for some more WWOOFing though! Off to the next farm!

Souris – 6/18

Last night on our own and last night camping during our hiatus week. We got to our campsite early afternoon, and decided to bike into town to grab some food to cook on the campfire! It hadn’t been nice out any of the other camping nights, so we had been living off of cereal, granola bars, peanut butter, apples, bananas, and hummus & naan. But with the weather gorgeous and it being our last night camping, we wanted to do something fun! S’mores for dessert sounded like too much after all the freaking desserts we were buying in towns and at cafes, so we just went in to check out Souris Beach and grab some food.

The bike there and back was absolutely gorgeous, and the beach was so pretty, and the first time we really touched Canadian water! The sand had those cool lines through it, and as Jackie said, it was like getting a walking massage. Which was definitely nice for our feet, because they had been abused at the farm, and during our rainy off week. After going in the water, we met this nice man who gave us a little insight on the area, and some insight on life, and travel, in general. He was from Russia, and had been all over the place, but settled on PEI because he liked the pace of life around those parts. It is a much slower pace of life than we are used to, especially in Boston. He really got us thinking about what our travels have been like, and what they could be like. We have been trying to so far, but we’re going to try to follow some of his advice and really make the most of our trip from here on out (not that we weren’t going to, but he did make quite a few good points).

The last stretch down the campground road was probably my favorite part. It is so cool to be biking downhill essentially into the ocean! It was so cool, and after the hilly road, it was cool to coast down and appreciate the beauty in front of us.

Charlottetown – 6/17&18

After a few nights of camping in less than stellar weather, we spent the night in Charlottetown, and it was wonderful and gorgeous, and super luxurious after the rainy days and dreary weather.

We got there relatively early on the 17th and spent a few hours at this adorable little cafe before checking in at our airbnb. Our hosts were absolutely fantastic! The woman had made homemade bread for us to eat if we so chose at breakfast, and she had been making chocolate chip cookies for father’s day, so she let us try a few, and then at the end take a few with us! Their house was so cute and allowed us to organize a bit after living out of the car at the campgrounds.

After getting ourselves situated a bit, we explored the local country market and casino/racetrack while doing laundry (they were very close by), and then went out into downtown Charlottetown for the night. After looking in at a few places, we decided that the Hopyard looked the best, and the best atmosphere for what we wanted. And we were not disappointed! The food was absolutely fantastic, as were the drinks. And they had this cool setup where there were records in the center of the bar, and you could flip through them and bring one up to the bar to be played. The records were also for sale if you wanted! It was a great way to end a string of shit weather.

The next morning we got up early enough to hit the Saturday farmer’s market, and then we explored the downtown during the daytime. And naturally, because we heard it was the best in the world, we had to try out the Cow’s Ice Cream. We were not disappointed 🙂

Stanhope and Robinson Island – 6/16

Today we went from Cavendish to Stanhope, both campgrounds within Prince Edward Island national park. We had pretty much exhausted the trails at Cavendish, so it was on to the next one. And holy crap was it cold! Like I had a thermal, a shirt, a sweatshirt, and a puffy vest on, and I was still cold at times :/. But that was also mainly due to the wind off the water, which sucked on the way out, but was on our backs on our way back, so that was nice!
But the paths along Robinson Island were absolutely gorgeous, and the little beginner mountain bike terrain sections were cool! At the end of the bike we ended up at this cute little place called Dalvay-by-the-Sea. It’s owned by the national parks services, so we assumed when we liked at the map that it was just a little eatery place. Turns out it was a fancy ass inn place with a restaurant attached. So basically we were fucking starving and wanted some hot food, so naturally, we were supremely under dressed… but the food was fucking delicious! And the view and ambiance were fantastic.
The place used to be a summer home for a rich ass family back in the day before the national parks services, and they had cute little history sheets at the restaurant. But the papers were the only cute part; it was kind of a morbid history because the family basically ran out of money, then everyone died, and then they had to move and sell the place. So yeah, that was nice light linner reading.
But it stopped raining! So we finally got in some really people camping! We still had the electrical outlets, but we pitched the tent for the first time! And it was so much more comfortable than the concrete floors of the picnic structures. Yay adulting!

Lazy Day in Moncton, with a quick trip to Bouctouche – 6/14

With all the excitement at Fundy the past few days, we decided to take a lazy day in Moncton, with a quick trip to Bouctouche around lunch time.
We tried to hit the boardwalk place, but they weren’t open for the season yet, so we couldn’t actually go out to the island, but we took got to explore the mainland a bit and look out onto the island. There was also a little trail along the river that we walked along before heading back. We also went to the salvation army to grab some grunge clothes for the next farm (because nether of us packed any), and then hit walmart to grab some more snacks.
Pizza for dinner because I was craving it, and Jackie was totally in agreement. All things considered, it was a good day.

Moncton Inspire Art Run – 6/15

Went for a quick run before leaving moncton fit the almost sole purpose of wanting a picture of the cool street art from the Inspire Art festival happening in the city. Wish I could have found more pieces, but they were just spread across the city, so they were hard to find unless you knew where to look.

Also, in case it isn’t obvious, this art isn’t mine, just the pictures of it :p

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