Camping at Red Point was the most GORGEOUS spot for our first full camping camping experience! So all other times we kind of cheated… It was too cold and wet to make fires, and it was too cold and wet for us to want to pitch a tent for the most part and sleep in it and deal with a wet tent in the morning. So we had been sleeping in the indoor picnic areas for the most part, which is probably totally illegal, but whatever, long hair don’t care, and just not even trying with the campfire. But this time we arrived, and holy fuck the view was AMAZING! And our site was right on the water, and we were so pumped! We had already decided we were going to bike into town, so we decided then and there to make a fire and buy some noms! We settled on a can of baked beans, some bratwurst, and some tortillas (because I have a thing against any hot dog roll that isn’t Kings Hawaiian, so I forced Jackie to accept tortillas as substitute). We had some leftover cheese, and boom! We were up and running.

Not shown in the pictures is the fan-fucking-tastic lady from Indiana who saw us struggling SO HARD to start our fire (we hadn’t planned on making one, so we didn’t have any dry kindling, and the wood the park provided was a bit damp on top of that, so we were just adding insult to injury trying to start the damn fire). But they were in a camper, and had no need for fire, so she came over with her bag of Indiana lint and let us take some for kindling. She was literally a godsend. With proper kindling our fire was blazing in minutes! Jackie had gone through the woods and found some sticks to use as skewers for the dogs. I used my Costa Rica swiss army knife (that was totally bought to be a gift, and then was never given when I got home and has lived in my car since, whoops… but hey, it came in handy) to open our can of beans, and we were in business! Jackie started the roasting of the dogs, and I threw the can on a rock next to the heat of the fire, and we prepared our cheese and tortillas for the arrival of hot stuff!

And holy shitballz batman, it was amazing! Any food made on a fire, or while camping, no matter how you mix it, is almost always good. I once had a pbj with tuna and cheese while backpacking, and it was the most delicious thing, so bratwurst hot dog with cheese and beans on a tortilla was pretty damn normal in my book.

Not only was the food amazing, but the views, ohmygaawwwwd the views! At one point the sun was setting while the moon was rising, and it was the most gorgeous thing! I tried to capture it, but I can say with utmost certainty, that those pictures do it absolutely no justice. But it was so cool sitting by the fire looking out at the moon over the ocean as the sky changed colors with the sun setting behind us. Definitely a fantastic last night of our road trip from WWOOF NB to WWOOF NS.

And then I woke up with the sun at 5am on Sunday (because we decided it was too fucking gorgeous to throw the top tarp on the tent). And got to watch the sun rise over the ocean (sort of, it kind of rose over the trees next to the ocean, but the colors changing over the ocean were beautiful) on a gorgeous father’s day. I was up early, so naturally I had to be a loving daughter and wish my father a happy day in the tooliest, touristiest, beachiest way possible (love you daddy)!

All in all, twas a great evening/night! Excited for some more WWOOFing though! Off to the next farm!