Today we went from Cavendish to Stanhope, both campgrounds within Prince Edward Island national park. We had pretty much exhausted the trails at Cavendish, so it was on to the next one. And holy crap was it cold! Like I had a thermal, a shirt, a sweatshirt, and a puffy vest on, and I was still cold at times :/. But that was also mainly due to the wind off the water, which sucked on the way out, but was on our backs on our way back, so that was nice!
But the paths along Robinson Island were absolutely gorgeous, and the little beginner mountain bike terrain sections were cool! At the end of the bike we ended up at this cute little place called Dalvay-by-the-Sea. It’s owned by the national parks services, so we assumed when we liked at the map that it was just a little eatery place. Turns out it was a fancy ass inn place with a restaurant attached. So basically we were fucking starving and wanted some hot food, so naturally, we were supremely under dressed… but the food was fucking delicious! And the view and ambiance were fantastic.
The place used to be a summer home for a rich ass family back in the day before the national parks services, and they had cute little history sheets at the restaurant. But the papers were the only cute part; it was kind of a morbid history because the family basically ran out of money, then everyone died, and then they had to move and sell the place. So yeah, that was nice light linner reading.
But it stopped raining! So we finally got in some really people camping! We still had the electrical outlets, but we pitched the tent for the first time! And it was so much more comfortable than the concrete floors of the picnic structures. Yay adulting!