First week on the new farm! All photos from my phone, there’s probably some more from the gopro, but this is what I’ve got now. Uploading so late because Sue didn’t have wifi, and our travels after that were filled with stuff to do, people to interact with, and lack on WiFi during our down time…

Sue’s farm was much different than Karie and Rob’s. But also a bit similar. Just like manic organic, at Mountain meadow we had to be up for morning chores with the animals (at 6am this time… not fun). And then a leisurely breakfast and onto work by 8 or 9. She only had 6 animals, 2 goats, 2 horses, and 2 dogs. So all of the chores were feedings, cleaning, giving water, and walking / grazing. And then the rest of the day is gardening and odd jobs that needed to be done around the house and farm. The work was longer and more tedious because there were only the two of us, not 3 or 4 at manic, but still fun! With the exception of the FUCKING BUGS!!! Holy fucking shit! I have never been swarmed so heavily by tiny pieces of shit! They’re the worst! I have so many bites everywhere. Jackie and I each got bit right at the edge of our eyes, the fuck is that about god damn black flies!

The horses were a bit crazy, so we didn’t do much with them but clean their stalls, but they were definitely gorgeous creatures, and produced a shitton (pun intended) of manure for Sue to sell! The goats were cute, but one was in heat and kept trying to headbutt us, so we had to spit back (literally, you spit at their face and they’ll back off). But they were fun to graze because it gave us time to let our minds wander while enjoying the views in the field. 

The one thing about Sue’s Farm that was hard to get used to was the well, and the fact that showers could only take 1.5 or less minute of running water… but we got really good at the rapid showers! Off to Sydney, NS for some farmers markets and breweries on Saturday!

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