Last night on our own and last night camping during our hiatus week. We got to our campsite early afternoon, and decided to bike into town to grab some food to cook on the campfire! It hadn’t been nice out any of the other camping nights, so we had been living off of cereal, granola bars, peanut butter, apples, bananas, and hummus & naan. But with the weather gorgeous and it being our last night camping, we wanted to do something fun! S’mores for dessert sounded like too much after all the freaking desserts we were buying in towns and at cafes, so we just went in to check out Souris Beach and grab some food.

The bike there and back was absolutely gorgeous, and the beach was so pretty, and the first time we really touched Canadian water! The sand had those cool lines through it, and as Jackie said, it was like getting a walking massage. Which was definitely nice for our feet, because they had been abused at the farm, and during our rainy off week. After going in the water, we met this nice man who gave us a little insight on the area, and some insight on life, and travel, in general. He was from Russia, and had been all over the place, but settled on PEI because he liked the pace of life around those parts. It is a much slower pace of life than we are used to, especially in Boston. He really got us thinking about what our travels have been like, and what they could be like. We have been trying to so far, but we’re going to try to follow some of his advice and really make the most of our trip from here on out (not that we weren’t going to, but he did make quite a few good points).

The last stretch down the campground road was probably my favorite part. It is so cool to be biking downhill essentially into the ocean! It was so cool, and after the hilly road, it was cool to coast down and appreciate the beauty in front of us.