After a few nights of camping in less than stellar weather, we spent the night in Charlottetown, and it was wonderful and gorgeous, and super luxurious after the rainy days and dreary weather.

We got there relatively early on the 17th and spent a few hours at this adorable little cafe before checking in at our airbnb. Our hosts were absolutely fantastic! The woman had made homemade bread for us to eat if we so chose at breakfast, and she had been making chocolate chip cookies for father’s day, so she let us try a few, and then at the end take a few with us! Their house was so cute and allowed us to organize a bit after living out of the car at the campgrounds.

After getting ourselves situated a bit, we explored the local country market and casino/racetrack while doing laundry (they were very close by), and then went out into downtown Charlottetown for the night. After looking in at a few places, we decided that the Hopyard looked the best, and the best atmosphere for what we wanted. And we were not disappointed! The food was absolutely fantastic, as were the drinks. And they had this cool setup where there were records in the center of the bar, and you could flip through them and bring one up to the bar to be played. The records were also for sale if you wanted! It was a great way to end a string of shit weather.

The next morning we got up early enough to hit the Saturday farmer’s market, and then we explored the downtown during the daytime. And naturally, because we heard it was the best in the world, we had to try out the Cow’s Ice Cream. We were not disappointed šŸ™‚