Weather still hasn’t cleared, and doesn’t look like it’s going to for a bit, but again, it added to the beauty of the landscape. And because of the rain, there weren’t many people, like at all, at the rocks, so we didn’t have to deal with hordes of people interrupting our views and pictures (though we did still have to pay $8 to get in, which I think is bullshit, it’s a fucking natural landmark, people had nothing to do with it, how are they allowed to charge people to view the ocean and the beach? Astounds me, and not in a good way). And we could walk at our leisure and wander around the beach without having to worry about anyone or anything really. We got lucky and got there at low tide – apparently when visiting a place where the views and ability to explore are entirely dependent on the tides, one should probably check those ahead of time… Oh well! We got there at low tide and were able to explore and it was all gorgeous!

Climbed some rocks (and almost got stuck at the top because it’s a lot easier to avoid the slippery seaweed when looking up the rock than down it… whoops, but hey, I’m alive), and played in some mud (I wish I brought my rain boots too!), and just enjoyed the awesome powers of nature. How the tides can ride and fall and carve slowly away at the rocks until these formations are created. How the change in tide can hide and reveal the beauty that it has created. Nature is amazing, and so were the Hopewell Rocks.