We saw this cool hiking trail on the way back from our bike last night, and decided to be ambitious and wake up early and go for a run. And damn was that a fabulous idea! Again, the weather is still a bit dreary, but it just adds to the beauty and makes it the experience that much more authentic. As we discussed while we were running through the woods like gazelles – we felt so free. We had zero cell service, no internet, and basically no communication to the outside world, and we were running alone in these beautiful woods, along a path that was often more just a general direction than a real path. It was so freeing to be running through nature without any impending deadlines, no phone to get back to, no conversations to get back to, just a whole lot of wonderful nothing. We stopped a lot – as we always do when the vies are fucking spectacular – and enjoyed the river and the landscape, and fucking everything about the outdoors at 9 in the morning on a wet summer day.

There were a few river crossings, the first one wasn’t bad, but when we got to the second one, we couldn’t seem to find a path that wouldn’t lead to soggy feet, and potentially a nice river bath. But damn did we try! And fuck if my feet weren’t soggy… But it was fun, and I didn’t fall in, and my phone lived! But we never did make it all the way across. We tried to continue along the river to maybe find a better crossing, but it turns out that the path doesn’t continue along the river, and though the landscape was cool to explore, we got a could hundred yards into straight up no path land and realized why the path was to have us cross the river, we were on some pretty steep rock ledges covered in moss – so we couldn’t really tell what would be a good foot placement, and what would sink through. So we turned around and ran back. On our run back, we saw the sign that stated that due to high water the river crossing was closed – makes sense, we agree.

But because we couldn’t cross the river, and had no where to go but back, and had a ton of time on our hands, we skirted along the river edge instead of on the path for a while before completing our run. After our cold and rainy afternoon, night, and morning, our stop at the little local cafe was more than appreciated. We used their wifi to plan the rest of our day – and send out some updates, and then Jackie updated her journal (because neither of us can ever remember what we do on certain days unless it’s written down right away, because in funemployment friendcation land, time is irrelevant). I had nothing to do, so I tried to find a pen and some paper in the cafe to jot some stuff down, but all I could find where crayons and a coloring book, oh well – still had fun! And I have to say, I think I’m pretty damn good 😛