This morning we left Fredericton in the cold, wet weather and embarked on our journey to Fundy National Park! Even though the weather was damp, the ride over was gorgeous, and for Jackie very calming (she fell asleep, that bastard), it was also very peaceful for me as the driver to enjoy the scenery, that though shrouded in mist, was green and vibrant in its own way. The beauty of this place always leaves me speechless and in awe of the world around us.

When we got to the park, the rain was letting up a bit – to just be annoying misty/spitty – so we left the car at the campground and took our bikes out for a spin. Immediately on the bike we found this little cliff above a beach, and naturally had to find a way down, we took a path through the woods down to our own little secluded beach, because no one else was out enjoying the beauty of nature, they were all buckled down in their campers. The beach was so cool, it was a rock beach, and as the name indicates, along the Bay of Fundy. So it had the gorgeous red sands under those rocks. We were there for quite a while enjoying the beach, exploring what was in front of us, skipping some rocks, and just appreciating the world. In that short time, the tide kept on steadily creeping up on us. After maybe a half hour or more on the beach, we hopped back on the bikes down the hill and found a quaint little town called Alma. We went pretty much to the end of the town (not far at all), before turning back and deciding to explore a bit more within the park.

We found a little brook along the road to stop at, and then on our way back to the campsite, stopped again at Wolfe Lake. There was this cool amphitheater on one side of the lake, and it looked like an incredible place to watch a little hometown production. We also found a little bunny here :). As we arrived back to the site at the end of the ride, the sky decided it wanted to choose that particular moment in time to open up and torrentially rain on us. So we enjoyed some pre-dinner snacks in the car, and some pre-dinner beers, while waiting out the worst of the rain. And then to finish off our super classy day, we had some cereal for dinner in the common building, where we decided to be lazy and throw down our sleeping bags, watch Aladdin, and stay dry for the night instead of going through the hassle of pitching the tent and setting up the waterproofing… So we slept on some concrete, like the adulty adults we are.