Today was our last working day on the farm 😦

Started off with a nice little run with some hill sprints at the end.
It was freaking cold out, so I had to borrow Karie’s jacket, and improvise ear warmth, but hey, I kinda like the gangster hick look.
But we moved our bench – yeah I still can’t get over the fact that we made a freaking bench! I’m so proud of us, especially because Jackie and I singlehandedly (doublehandedly?) completed the assembly :). Now the bench lives in the field that Karie and Wendy take their dogs to to romp around and be crazy. Because we were already in the truck, Karie took us on a little off-road adventure to see all their land – which we didn’t know continued to the other side of the street!
As it was my last day, naturally, I finally found their pond, which is no more than 100 ft from the chicken coops I took care of daily… as it warmed up in the afternoon we took another crack at the garden and planted the potatoes (that are from last year’s crop and left in a dark space to start sprouting). We also weeded the edible flowers section and planted some beets and corn.
We ended the day as we always do with evening chores. I’m going to miss those three baby crazies like no other. Arlo, Phoebe, and Romeo will always hold a place in my heart.
Took some panaramic shots of the farm while the weather was cooperating. They don’t do this place justice, but they definitely help to capture its beauty and charm.