Today was our day off! Woopwoop! So naturally we decided to find a better / real waterfall to appreciate! So we headed up to Grand Falls to see the falls, and then go zip-lining along the grand falls gorge on our way back. The falls were so gorgeous. They were some impressive and peaceful. It’s amazing how the flowing of the water through the falls drowns out all other sounds and thoughts. It’s so calming to just walk around there and appreciate the awesome power of the falls.

After the nice calming affects of the falls, Jackie and I decided to get our blood pumping and do a zip-line adventure course. It was just 10 zip-lines, and they were kind of short, but it was so much fun, and extremely exhilarating because they just give you a tutorial and let you go! And then you are in charge of your own safety. Which means that we were paying attention a lot to what we are doing, but it’s always a little daunting to be just flying through the trees with no supervision. But it was so worth it. It was so much fun, and the views were awesome. Especially the few times we kind of crossed the gorge (apparently they didn’t have any lines all the way across the gorge because of the system they have, they wouldn’t be able to properly position and tension the lines for both adults and children, or even adults of different weights). Though it wasn’t all the way across the gorge, we definitely crossed a pretty hefty drop!

The drive up and back were both so gorgeous. I wish that I could take pictures and drive, but as it was I missed our exit (but it was easy enough to get to the next exit and make it home – which for the record I was super proud of myself for being able to do that without using my phone maps. I just remembered from our trip up :)).

At the end of the day we got to meet the newest addition to the farm – Swedish girl named Alexandra. It’s only a tiny bit confusing. And then some of Rob and Karie’s friends came to visit and their son’s name is Alex, so there were 3 Alex’s at the house at once! We had burgers, only slightly charred this time, and salad. And the guests brought dessert of strawberries, apple pie, and cookies. So many options! So much for getting fit on this trip!