After a few days cleaning and doing odd jobs we got to start the gardening! Karie’s neighbor comes every few days for the two of them to walk their dogs and let them romp around in the fields, and we started hoeing some mounds to get ready for the planting. After we hoed up the field, we planted a few tomatoes from Karie’s friend and a whole bunch of chickpeas!

After our afternoon chores we decided to pull out the speed ladder and run around a bit before biking for  half hour. Really wish we had brought the camera because it was so gorgeous, but it’s alright, we took the camera on Thursday, so those pics and views to come soon! I made a grilled cheese and apple sandwich – which Jackie doubted, but it was delicious!

After our bike ride and washing up a bit, we started the lengthy process of making cookies and dinner for the gang! Because we had a late start because Karie went into town, we got out of evening chores to do the cooking. Jerry, Rob, and Karie survived just fine without us, but I know we missed the animals. We made a batch of oatmeal cookies and made a little over half with chocolate chips and the rest with raisins, and a batch of peanut butter. We were going to be ambitious and sprinkle some chocolate over the peanut butter ones, but we ran out of time before dinner. Dinner was some homemade tomato sauce with mushrooms and farm raised sausage, some bread, and a side of candied carrots because I figured we need some vegetables! Even if they were covered in honey 🙂

As always, a few random pics of the animals, both farm and family. Furgus shows his love by walking between your legs like a nut.