Today was random shit needs to get done day! After morning chores and breakfast (and heading into the nearest town to pick up some Canadian cash) we helped Rob remove some electric fences they no longer needed, then we helped him get the tractor all ready to move the chicken trailer (and transport the 4 week old chicks from their little box to an open air open bottom trailer pen). Once that was done we helped get the little cottage clean and livable (moving furniture from storage out to the cottage) for the other WWOOFer Jerry. We ended the afternoon in the garden clearing out the surrounding area for mowing and then planting a few rows of tomatoes.

We finished the day with some burgers and caesar salad with homemade dressing and farm made Parmesan cheese! Food time is literally my favorite time of every day because so much of it is made straight from the farm, with the rest of it being from other local farms if possible, and when not possible from the organic market.

Added a few more pictures of morning/evening chores – feeding the baby goats! We also feed and give water to all the animals in the barn and milk the mama goat and mama cow. We also did laundry and Jackie thought we needed photographic evidence aparently 😛

The puppy, that’s Furgus, and the cats are Monkey (gray) and Ryan (orange). That granola is Karie’s homemade kind (so good!) and her collection of pickled goods.