We made it! Barely… Fucking customs lady… “So you quit your job as an engineer to go farming”. No! Bitch! Though related, the events are not cause and effect! I can farm because I quit my job (for a whole other reason) and don’t have a new one yet because my life is complicated you nosy little fucker! I’m trying to get some life experience! I get nervous when people question my life! Doesn’t mean you have to detain me at the border you turdface! And to your coworker, Mr. “Next time just explain yourself better and we won’t waste your time and mine”. Yeah!? Well maybe next time don’t stick the prickly bitch at the window questioning the validity of my life choices and we won’t have this problem again! Sorry I am trying to figure my shit out, sorry your life sucks so much you gotta hate on mine. SORRY! OK?! Can I just go to Canada now to live my life all stress-free n’ shit?! Which, by the way, you’re RUINING!

Rant over… WE MADE IT TO CANADA! with minimal delay…

Left Kents Hill a bit before noon for the 4+ hr trip up to New Brunswick! Stopped in Bangor for snacks, hit up a thrift shop – Jackie found her new chair!

It was a bit misty to see the mountain, but we stopped at the Mt. Katahdin to stretch our legs and enjoy the view. Before making it to the Canadian Border! Used our pre-printed Canadia Googlie Mapsies to make our way to our home for the next two weeks – Manic Organic Farm!

Arrived on the farm and the first thing we was were the chickens, pigs, cow, and a bunny! Great intro to the farm :). Karie – the lovely owner – greeted us right off the bat with a warm hug and invited us into her house for soup before giving us the lay of the land. She and her husband Rob designed and had the farm built as part of their retirement, and it is absolutely amazing! They have their house, an extra large workshop/garage, the barn, a cute little rustic cottage, and the trailer (where we be living!). Though weird to be living in a trailer, it is such a nice trailer! so clean, perfect size for us (and the other WWOOFer Jerry), and a nice little place to hang out in during the day.

Our introduction to the farm ended with Karie giving us some of their very own lip balms, and enjoying a nice warm tea in the common area of the trailer.

Despite the minor detainment at the border, it was a great day, filled with laughter and accomplishment. We finally made it. This isn’t just a plan anymore. We actually did it. We actually left the comfort of our lives to live this new and wonderful adventure. So excited to see where it takes us!