First official road trip day! Left Mass at 9ish-am, and hit Portland by noon! Parked outside the city to avoid the tourists, biked around Back Bay (and tried out the GoPro for the first time! so much fun! definitely an entertainment in and of itself), then stopped in Portland for some lunch and exploring. Jackie got to enjoy her first Lobster Roll, after we ate like a pound of cheese each at the cabot cheese shop… And naturally, because we were in Portland we had to stop at gelato fiasco! Jackie went for the pomegranate, and I went for the peanut butter explosion! After another quick jaunt around the Portland rail trail, we headed back to the car to head a bit further north up into Freeport!

Stopped at the LL Bean and outlet, got some pics with the boot and I finally got me a backpacking backpack! At super discount because the outlet is boss.

Finished the day with a modWOD (aka, I modified my home gym’s WOD to something we could do without a gym and with the equipment we had!) at Kents Hill! Thank you so much Kristy for letting us crash the night! Dinner was a very fancy affair – everything bagel cheese and crackers, and some oatmeal with pb, honey, and blueberries. We’re abnormal, we promise! Road Trip part two coming soon