“Started” the trip Friday – aka went to go see Amelia and stay over before departing early the next morning. So much packing – may or may not have gone overboard, but I mean, it’s 6 weeks, and we gotta farm, and workout, AND dress like normal humans – that’s a lot of clothes!

Got there before Amelia got out of work, so we hit the gym (also Jackie’s first time at a pf, she killed it!), and then grilled with Linda :P. Tonight’s grilling swapped out some veggies and we went with salmon instead of all the meats under the sun… Followed by some leftover flour-less chocolate cake and Ben & Jerry’s. All fabulous!

Then we hit up Kings for some (subpar) bowling! Nobody killed it… it killed us… literally, I think everyone walked away a little worse for wear. But hey! It was a kickass night with some kickass friends before Jackie and I depart for Canadialand!